HuffPo supports harassment based on politics, not a surprise

I shouldn’t be surprised, but it seems the left just can’t go any lower at times, then they prove they can at least try. Most recently, the Huffington Post, a well known liberal publication, said that Tom Brady isn’t getting enough blowback for supporting Donald Trump in the election last year. We’ve seen this for the last 8 years mostly, although it was always there to a point, and the digital age just made it worse. In 08 and 12, anyone who said anything other than praise for Barack Obama was instantly the most racist person on the planet and looking to bring back the days when slaves were lynched everywhere. Last year anyone who didn’t support Hillary was a sexist looking to put women back in the kitchen and send the country 100+ years back in time.

I would LOVE to get an honest answer out of one of these idiots, asking why they defended people being silenced when it was Obama running then in office, or when it was Hillary running, but now defend harassment based on a personal choice. But, it’s the same as if you ask why someone supported Obama blocking immigration, or bombing countries, but they don’t support Trump just doing the same. I could hold up a list of actions that Obama took that Trump is taking, say “Trump is doing exactly what Obama did for 8 years” and I would be told I’m wrong, Obama bred unicorns that shat gold, and Trump is literally the love child of Hitler and Satan. Trump could hand these idiots $1000 each and they’d take it, then call him evil for not giving them more.

So, the question isn’t why any more, as that won’t ever be answered, or already has and is simply that the left is a hypocritical and selfish group, rather, the question is how can we wake up a generation that firmly believes their candidate not winning is the end of the world, or that words are so horrible that they have the right to forcibly silence others? The answer, well, it’s not easy, and will be dirty. We must not allow them to silence us, we must not allow them to control the narrative, and we must continue to fight the hypocrisy and stay true to our beliefs. HuffPo is advocating the harassment of someone simply because he supported our new President, but will defend Madonna’s right to free speech after she made a threat against the White House. You can’t reason with them, but we can fight them with their own tactics. When a celebrity goes off the deep end for something like Madonna or Ashley Judd did during their March, we need to stop buying anything that they profit from. Huffpo and their ilk will scream that the poor stars are being “attack for speaking their minds” or that they’re losing money because of evil conservatives, but they’d do that if Madonna saw someone a block away helping a Trump supporter up after that supporter was attacked.

Personally, I plan to do this, and it may get down to me listening to CD’s, reading books and only eating what I can get at my local grocery store, but I won’t patronize those who demean me any more. As for when they complain, I plan to simply reply with evidence that they’ve done or advocated what I am now doing, just aimed at a conservative, and it was acceptable, then I may record their mental implosion when faced with a “you did it, so I decided it was a fair tactic” argument.

The real question though, is are we too late to make a difference?

More hypocrisy and such to start your week

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So, I got sent this today, and as I expected before I even opened it, I knew the comments would be nothing but attacks and arguments. Well, I wasn’t disappointed, as naturally, there were the “Those who thought Obama was muslim think Trump is Christian” comments, there were comments about how since “Jesus was from the middle east, he’s not allowed in” and more. One person did bring up that Christ was born in Israel, which is not on the list of countries listed in the Executive Order which was signed regarding visas and refugees. Outside of the idiots screaming that this is a “ban on muslims” while it’s not, when did we get to this point? When did the world officially accept that it’s completely OK to denigrate only one group, while forcing everyone to tell that very group they aren’t allowed to say anything deemed offensive? I’ve been told I’m racist, a bigot, a sexist, and so much more simply for disagreeing with someone over the last eight years, only to watch as those same people are losing their minds that Trump not only won in November, that the screaming about the Electoral College didn’t work, the recounts didn’t work, the moves in the House to block the confirmation didn’t work, and that he was finally inaugurated on the 20th of January. For eight years anyone who questioned Obama’s citizenship was berated, anyone who suggested the man was not a Christian was shouted down, and anyone who dared suggest that Obamacare wasn’t going to work other than to take money from people wanted to see the poor kicked into the streets so they die slowly for the GOP’s entertainment. Now, those people who demanded not only silence, but praise for their “tolerance” and “forward thinking” for eight years, have completely reversed course, and demand that we not speak out in support of a President we voted for, that we not speak for any policy, and of course, still demanding praise for their “tolerance of such hateful bigots” as they haven’t killed anyone yet.

Think back, if anyone who voted for McCain or Romney had blocked a highway after they lost, how long would it have been before either they were arrested or worse, were dead from a liberal running them over? Today, though, police actually said that protesters at some airports could block the roads for 15 of every 30 minutes. Yes, they were ALLOWED to BLOCK ALL TRAFFIC, which is completely ILLEGAL because they didn’t get their way, yet even if an Ambulance was screaming THIS MAN WILL DIE IF YOU DON’T MOVE, they’d stand their and “embrace their right to protest” until arrested for causing the man’s death, and then scream and whine in court that they have a “right” to protest.

So now my customary statement on how we got here, and simply put it’s due to an entire generation being told they get a trophy for showing up, they make the team because they want to, never having been told no, never having been told something is wrong, and now a generation of young adults believes it’s “wrong” to not hand them money because they want it, or to not give them any salary they demand, or to do everything they want. Thankfully the vast majority of them will not run for office, so while the House and Senate will have a very few of them, I hope for a day when it’s mostly people just there to do the job. When one runs for President, the meltdown when a major party won’t nominate them will be glorious, and the nuclear explosion when they aren’t elected will put the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki to shame.

Sadly, Thanks to eight years of Bill, only an eight year break and much of that with a DNC Congress, then eight years of Obama and his “I have a pen and a phone” mentality when Congress didn’t bow and do everything he demanded, we’re many years from even being close to raising children who will learn math, science, english, history and so on, but not that Christians are bad, Muslims are just misunderstood, and the government is God and should be obeyed without question. I just hope we survive to see that day.

Terror attack, multiple victims die, but let’s attack those who don’t vote for our ideas

Before the rubble is clear or the victims buried, CNN “journalist” David Andelman took to his keyboard to blame the politically “far right” for “using the Berlin truck attack” for their own ends. What’s funny is I only see Merkel and the left leaning publications putting anything out about this so as to attack the other party. It’s no secret that the left wants unfettered access to every country, at least every country with something they can say is a “right” and thus, demand be given to them for free. We’ve seen attacks in France, the U.S., and now Germany, carried out by “refugees” who were allowed entry with very little vetting, only to vanish until they attack. Quickly after the attack, we see three things. We see a solidarity movement, the “Je Suis Charlie” hashtag after Charlie Hebdo was attacked, the countless people trying to get some publicity by “standing with” those at OSU, although those there, who were almost killed, were criticizing the Police for shooting the attacker, rather than trying to “subdue him.” How long until we see someone claim that German Police shouldn’t have been so quick to kill the murderous idiot behind the wheel? Next, we see a call not to blame all muslims for this one person’s actions, despite ZERO condemnation from the muslim community who claims to be “moderate” or not support terrorism, while groups like ISIS or another claiming they were responsible. Finally, we see the ultimate politics, the “this is just fueling the fires of fear, we must not let this happen, we must not abandon our values” despite the “values” letting people into a country, just to see those people start destroying it. Barack Obama, Angela Merkel, and the other leaders who have allowed these animals free access via being “refugees” have blood on their hands, and will never admit it, or face any consequences for it.

Thankfully, people are waking up. I’ve seen comments about the Berlin attack along the lines of “America has spoken with their election of Donald Trump,” and that is true. Americans are tired of being told they’re horrible for not “tolerating” certain “lifestyle choices” although we’re told they’re not choices. We’re tired of being told that we must give trigger warnings, or that there is “rape culture,” and that students need “safe spaces” where they aren’t “assaulted” by conflicting points of view. We’re tired of being told that to be good, we must give up rights, and more and more each day. Hillary Clinton promised more of the same, and the country said no. Yes, people cried and moaned about the electoral college being out dated, and how she won the popular vote, and on and on, but that is precisely why the Electoral College was created as it was. Without it, a handful of cities (NYC, Chicago, LA, San Fransisco) could swing an election, but with the Electoral college, it doesn’t matter if all of Cali, NY and IL go blue, they’re limited to their E.C. votes, so that the other 47 states aren’t ignored. Despite the tears and tantrums, the left also face the obstacle that Barack Obama has moaned about since he took office. He’s on record that the Founders set up a system that’s hard to work around, for which those who don’t like him are grateful. I’m not familiar with the German setup, but the people there are getting fed up too, so I’d be surprised to see Merkel still in office after the next election.

Simply put, just because you want something doesn’t mean you’ll get it, nor should you. I know that there are women and children who are not terrorists, and never will be terrorists willingly, in the countries refugees are coming from, but sadly, they’re not the only ones coming. With them are hidden agents, sent as refugees to carry out attacks. They can’t bring in bombs or guns, so we see knife attacks and trucks running through markets, but those are just as bad, as people still die. The world watched in shock as the American people elected Trump just over 6 weeks ago, then again yesterday as the Electoral College did their job and made it official. Many are crying that he’ll send the U.S. back in time, China is hopping mad that he answered a call from the President of Taiwan, simply because China wants Taiwan, but can’t get them, so they tell the world it’s theirs anyway, and no to legitimize them, only for Trump to refuse to bow to pressure. Yes, there will be more screaming as the southern U.S. border will get a barrier in some places if not all, and there will be changes to immigration, stopping the deluge of “refugees” who aren’t being vetted well enough (if at all.) There will be deportations and imprisonments, and just as Trump said, it won’t be mothers and children, but rapists, murderers, drug dealers and the like. Trust me, as I see only one to two years before this country is well on it’s way to being, once again, a true leader in the international community.

But enough from me, what do you think?

Society today in a nutshell

We’ve all heard this joke or one like it, as well as seen the meme about one group or another shoving a spike in their bike wheel then blaming who they hate. Sadly, this is all too common today, and it’s getting worse. I’ve been harangued by women for “daring” to hold a door as if they’re too weak, or for “sexism” when I am just polite. Women have gotten to the point where their first reaction is the “I have a boyfriend” to everything, as if literally every male on the planet is about to rape them, and it’s thanks in no small amount to the media harping on “rape culture.” The big question I have is not only how we got to a point where it’s now almost genetic to instantly try to vilify everyone around you, but also how we stop the trend. When a uniformed officer has the Police called on him for being in uniform in a class he’s taking, we’ve officially reached the tipping point. The very people who scream about rape culture or how all cops just want to kill people are the very ones who then scream that the Police don’t care as they didn’t get to them fast enough when they’re robbed, or that the Police (whom they called) “acted rashly” when the KNIFE WIELDING TERRORIST was shot and killed. They bemoan the “poor misunderstood refugee” who was “forced into this course of action by islamophobia running rampant.” Had Police waited, tried to talk him down, and more people been killed, I can guarantee that there would be calls for Officers to be fired, if not hanged at dawn.

These same people, who claim to be educated and intelligent, are also calling on the Electoral College Electors to vote against the will of their states. I’ve pointed out to many people that the Electoral College was put in places so that a handful of cities/counties doesn’t decide the election. Trump won almost ALL counties in NY, but due to NYC, the margin was close. He won many counties in California, but due to LA and San Fransisco (almost solely due to them) the state went to Hillary Clinton. The same people who would be calling for me to be shot had the situation been flipped are calling for me to be all but shot for standing up for the system in place. Had Trump lost the Electoral vote but won the popular vote, he said he might not accept it, and Clinton called that a “threat to democracy” only for her supporters to do that very thing. Had the roles been reversed and Electors pressured to vote for him instead of Clinton, you can bet there would be demands that the Electors be fired, no matter if that was legal, but the reason for that is the very people now screaming to be handed what they want no matter what, are the very people who’ve been given just that since childhood.

For more than 15 years, and likely more than 20, children have not been told a grade failed, or that they didn’t win the race, so as to “not hurt their feelings.” Academics are a joke, as teachers are so heavily leaned on to ensure their students do well on standardized tests, that all they teach (almost) is that very test. I started elementary school in 1984, and I don’t remember being traumatized when I was told my answers weren’t right, so I didn’t get a high grade. Nor was my life ruined when I competed and didn’t win. The problem, is that the high school students of the late 1970’s, who cared more about Woodstock, drugs and “doing their own thing” are now parents of mid to late teens, and those children have been raised “free to find their own path.” This has ruined a generation, and I can only hope not the world forever. Children need discipline in their lives, and being spanked, sent to bed without dinner, or just having toys or technology denied them will not traumatize them. The reason these special snowflakes aren’t disciplined is simple though, they’ve learned very well that by simply threatening to tell someone their parents abuse them, they get their way. Personally, were it my child threatening that after I take their phone or game away, I’d hand them the phone. Before they dialed though, I’d ensure they know that they’ll be taken away, likely put in a state home where there is no PS4 or Xbox, no cell phones, and certainly no life anywhere near what they have. Unfortunately, some of these little twits need to be allowed to report the “abuse” and be taken away and put in state homes, so they realize that being made to clean up or do their homework isn’t abuse. Maybe, just maybe, if one or two had their lives upended for “reporting abuse” they’d learn, and then be able to tell others what happened, but, sadly, they’d just blame their parents for “not stopping it” (by giving them whatever they want) and continue to cry and whine.

Unfortunately, the only way they’re going to learn is the hard way. They need to be arrested and jailed for the false hate crimes reported since Trump’s win. They need to be told to grow up when they tell their professor they don’t like having a uniformed Officer in class, and they need to be told that just because they studied 19th century women’s art done only in pink, they aren’t better than anyone else, and thus, they don’t get to dictate how the country is run. Only when they’re firmly told to grow up and then made to do so, will we even have a hope of starting the road back to where we were only 30 years ago.

Friday thoughts

In just over two weeks, it will be Christmas. That wonderful time of year when we see tantrums in stores over toys, fights over the hot item, and a general de-evolution of the human species, as they return to primates fighting over the sharp stick or last bit of food. I’ve been out shopping at midnight on Thanksgiving night twice, and will never do it again, as the first time I watched someone almost attack a Police Officer for not letting them break in line, then a year later, watching as people were almost trampled over kitchen gadgets. This year, I did take a day off (November 11th) to be up early and in line for my NES Classic, although that was just a bonus as I took the day off initially to be able to attend a basketball tournament my nephew was playing in. Even more than two weeks before Black Friday I was hard pressed to not think it was, as people were more concerned about a game than with anything else. In my first example, WalMart had a BluRay player on for $9.99 or $14.99 (I forget, it’s been a good while) and had stated well before that night, anyone who didn’t get one that night, would still get one at that price, it would just need to be when the next shipment arrived. On November 11th, I got to Target at 5:30 and they didn’t open until 8. For the first hour or so, it was me and 6 other people, one of which was there to get something else launching that day. By about 7:00, the manager came out to check the line, and found only the 7 of us, and told us the store only got six units. We were all happy, as the 7th guy only wanted the new Garth Brooks CD set. As more people showed up, we told them that they wouldn’t get one there, and that the last we heard, other stores opening later had no lines, and they thanked us and left. But, by 7:30 or so, they just stuck around, and when the manager told them the same thing we had, most started to complain, one even accusing her of hiding others so she and the other employees would get them. To me, this shows the same attitude we saw just after Super Tuesday and continue seeing today, the “I want my way, give me my way, or I’ll throw a tantrum and make life miserable for everyone” mindset.

For years we’ve heard from the more liberal people in the country that we need to be more tolerant, and more accepting of everyone’s differences, but they seem to not need to do that very thing. I’ve been told to kill myself, that someone “knows where I live and is coming” and more, for nothing more than posting an opinion. The “I know where you live” was, incredibly enough, on a very conservative site, where I and others were going back and forth about hypothetical laws. Naturally, as a Texan, I’m well armed almost all the time, and not frightened of some wacko coming over, as (like I said) I’m in Texas, and should some idiot show up intending harm, the law is on my side. But, why is it OK to scream at me I must be tolerant, then threaten my life? The simple answer, it is not! In 2000 and 2004, the left bemoaned Bush’s cabinet choices, with some even suggesting he should be required to appoint Democrats or their picks, so someone can keep an eye on him. Funny enough, that was never even mentioned in 2008 or 2012, but with a GOP House and Senate coming in, and an upcoming transition to a Trump White House, the moaning about the cabinet is back. People have called for the Democrats still in office to filibuster all appointees, which is to say, stop all work being done and just stall so there won’t be a cabinet. Thankfully, Senator Reid ended that possibility not long ago when a DNC item was filibustered.

When they aren’t bemoaning the horror that is someone actually thinking for themselves, or blocking highways in protest, they’re crying about the Electoral College. I’ve commented on several posts, explaining the E.C. as it does serve a purpose, only to be called names and insulted. Simply put, without the E.C. the cities of LA, NYC, San Fransisco and Chicaco could almost decide every election for POTUS. If you look at a map of election results by county, you’ll see a far greater amount of Red than Blue, but now that the E.C. went to Trump and the popular vote didn’t, suddenly we are told to just do away with it.

There’s a problem there though Skippy, you can’t just do away with the Electoral College. You see, it was created in the U.S. Constitution, so must be changed or done away with by a Constitutional Amendment. So, first you need to have someone call a Constitutional Convention, have enough states say OK and attend, have enough agree to the amendment and put it to the states, then enough states must ratify it. So, unfortunately for our special snowflakes, the Electoral College won’t just be going away, even if they manager to retake Congress.

So far, the world hasn’t ended, no one’s been nuked, and as far as I can tell, a high percentage of the stories about people being verbally abused or worse by Trump supporters are false, although I see more of the stories about Trump supporters being attacked being true far more often. Yes, Trump said he’s going to drain the swamp and protect our borders, which surprisingly, the vast majority of people living on the border want done. He did not, however, say he’s going to find and deport all illegal immigrants in a day. What he said is he would start by focusing on those with criminal records being being in the country illegally, those who we know are raping, assaulting, robbing and killing. Personally, after those are gone, go after the citizens doing the same and put them away for good. Send them to Sheriff Joe in AZ and put them to work. I know there are good people who came here illegally, so why not help them gain citizenship, so they earn more? Oh, can’t do that, or you’d be taking away their culture. After all, they fought to escape a horrid life, only to protest to make America just like the country they fled. America is the only, or one of a very few, country on this planet that doesn’t have an official language, or as open a border as ours. If you even try to enter Mexico illegally, and you’re lucky enough to avoid being shot, you’ll spend a LONG time in jail, but we can’t even send them back to their home country, or we’re “oppressing them.”

For those who are screaming for Sanctuary Cities or Campuses, go for it, but don’t come crying to me when the government pulls funding from your city or college. You see, it’s the law, and if you publicly help people break the law, you become an accomplice, and thus, are guilty of a crime. The University of Texas was the first to publicly start the Sanctuary Campus movement, pressuring the University PD to not help I.C.E. or other law enforcement, and if the PD does, they’ll find the Texas Rangers authority doesn’t stop at the border of the campus. Sanctuary only does one thing, embolden those that claim it. The UK has, for years, not fought the tide of Muslim immigration, and now there are signs being put up that tell citizens not to walk their dogs, because it’s not clean for Muslims. Yes, people are ordering British citizens to not use public places, and it’s not being fought. The OSU madman who used a car and a knife to attempt the murder of other students was a “refugee,” but all we’re hearing now from those at OSU is how the Police were too quick to shoot, should have listened to the idiot, or how it’s our fault because he felt he had no option due to the “Islamophobia” today. I’m sorry, but if you are attacking and trying to kill people, I’m not going to buy you a latte and ask you about your feelings, I’m going take you down as quickly as I can, and in a manner that best protects those around you. The only good in this, is that it shows that the “hands up don’t shoot” idiocy was just a line for TV, as this idiot was actively attacking people when shot, so it’s not about “innocent people of color” being killed, it’s just about attacking police. I wonder, what would happen were the police to start telling people “why don’t you try talking to them, try to understand why they’re doing this?” Or, if they said “sorry, but we can’t come out, since we’d have to kill the attacker, and you don’t want us rushing to judgement do you?” Naturally, the narrative would flip and become “Police don’t care about those they are paid to protect” from the current one.

The simple truth is this. The world isn’t fair, and won’t be as long as we wait on the second coming of Christ. Trump won’t end the world, nor will the GOP controlled Congress and Senate. In fact, you’ll likely see taxes go down, the economy get better, and in general, life will just go on as it always has. Personally, I’m waiting to see how the news spins it when the country is either better off, or at least, not in the sewer, in four years. We hear nothing but how Trump is going to destroy the country, but in 4 years, when we’re better off, what will they say? But that’s enough ranting from me, what do you say?

Once again we see what happens when the left doesn’t win

For the last 20+ years, when the left wins, they instantly start telling the country “it’s not about winning, now we need to work together.” But, when they lose, it’s not about coming together, it’s about how “horrible it is that a bigot, sexist, racist, mean person” managed to win. I’m waiting for allegations of fraud to start flying, for Obama to start decrying the “blatant and horrifying racism that is shown by this election,” and so much more.

Case in point, had Hillary won, and a Trump supporter said the exact same thing, they would be attacked for “trying to divide the country,” but this is “just expressing feelings.” When the left wins, it’s about coming together and moving on, but when they lose it’s “an embarrassment” to the rest of the world. I hate to break it to you, but the world isn’t like that, people will always think what they want, and you’re happy little world of free healthcare, tuition, phones, or what have you, not only can’t happen, but now won’t. I always have to laugh when someone is asked “OK, you want free college, so who is going to pay what you won’t?” They get all indignant that we “just don’t understand that it will be free.” So, that means no more salaries for professors, countless jobs lost since they won’t need accountants, and of course, the government will need to ensure that the grounds and buildings are kept, because education is a right. WRONG! You cannot just say “it’s free” and magically take away costs while ensuring all other aspects remain the same. “Free” healthcare is a joke, and the ACA has gotten worse and worse, now costing far more than ever, and even more useless. Before anyone starts yelling that I’m wrong, my Mother picked an ACA plan to avoid the FINE for not buying something from the government, and the closest doctor to her that takes it is OVER 100 MILES AWAY! So, the “affordable” plan she was forced to buy, as the fine was actually more than the plan cost, is USELESS!

I’m not going to apologize to anyone that their candidate lost, as it shows that a majority of the country didn’t agree. What I will fight against, is the attacks on the winner. Had Hillary won, anyone even suggesting they weren’t happy would be shouted down as a bigot, sexist, homophobe, etc. We’ve already got tweets about how Hillary wasn’t beaten by Trump, but by sexism, hatred, bigotry, etc. Reverse that, if Trump lost and someone suggested that Hillary only won because she was a woman, that person would be laughed at and called an idiot. We have to stop this, or we’re just going to see this pattern continue. As long as we have people screaming “I’m going to leave the country if they’re elected,” well, we’re just going to stay at the level of of discussion that a kindergarten teacher wouldn’t even allow. Yes, Hillary lost, and yes, people are sobbing, Wolf Blitzer blinks in confusion or Rachel Maddow starts demanding a recount as if that will work for them this time, although we saw in 2000, that many people were perfectly happy to recount forever, I’m just surprised no one actually came out and said “we’re going to keep counting until Gore wins!”

So, for anyone who wants to cry or insult me because I am happy the criminal didn’t win, save it. Find a candidate who is worthy of my vote, or go away, either way, Trump was elected, get over it. And for those on the list below, just as I did in 2000, 2004, 2008, and 2012, you said you were leaving if Trump was elected. So, either admit you were just trying to get attention, or get out. There are two on that list I don’t want to see leave, as I greatly enjoy their work, but unlike the left, I’m not going to say “let’s just get along” or the like, just admit you were saying what you had to in order to get attention, or get out.

Sunday linkfest

I’ve done these in the past, mostly when so much hits my e-mail and other feeds that I just want to walk around slapping people, but as I don’t want to go to jail, I rant here. So, without further delay, let the linkfest rant begin.

Yes, someone actually said this in an e-mail.

Rather than commenting on how horrible it is that people lost their lives, or the left’s party line of “if only we had better gun control,” the subject of this is that the San Bernardino shooter didn’t have a more sterotypical white name. Of course, it’s more important that we be able to scream racism than find out people planning this. It’s more important to hamstring law abiding citizens than to find people who are using illegally obtained weaponry (or making it themselves, as the Boston bomber did,) right? Had this happened in the 1980’s, the SBPD, and likely the CHP, would have been on a manhunt within hours. A bulletin about the shooters would have included their suspected height, weight, sex and definitely their nationality. But today, we can’t “profile” as it’s bad, never mind that when the criminal is middle eastern, looking at white or black people is the dumbest thing you can do, we can’t hurt anyone’s feelings now, can we? This is exactly what this election is going to come down to, whether you want a country where someone who is middle eastern to be able to do this, and you, being white, are the first suspect. Make no mistake, the “safe spaces” and “trigger warnings” that our Strawberry Generation is demanding are going to lead to a world where you can’t mention anything about the suspect, and then, because you “said something mean” no matter when, you’re now in jail for a crime you didn’t commit, so the PD can be “seen doing something.”

PravdaTwitter seems to be going the way of the USSR. James O’Keefe had his twitter account locked for a tweet where he exposed a Clinton staffer saying he could destroy voter registration forms, and not get fired. I don’t support giving people carte’ blanc to say anything, as that allows threats, harassment, and worse, but this was exposing a corrupt person, and Twitter blocked the person exposing them. The video in this link shows O’Keefe deleting the tweet and his account instantly being unlocked. Yes, his followers pressured Twitter, but not enough, as they should have unlocked the account and left the tweet up. But, then again, we can’t have people exposing the Clinton campaign of cheating, can we now?

Moving on, we have a woman who is accusing Trump of harassment, but not until after he refuses an invite to her restaurant. We’ve seen a woman accusing Trump of “raising the armrest to grope her” on a flight that happened before plane armrests could be raised, and now this. I’m sorry folks, but we need to HOUND THE MEDIA to stop being just another part of the Clinton2016 machine. Until the media starts actually reporting the facts, we are left with very few sources of actual news. The debates were nothing more than an attack on Trump by the Moderators, and I fear it will only get worse, but never better.

Next an accusation by Kaine that it’s “unamerican” to be against immigration. This, like so many other stories in the last 8 years, is a blatant misquote attempting to stir up sympathy and hatred. Kaine said this, ignoring that Trump’s supporters and the #NeverHillary crowd, are against ILLEGAL immigration, not all immigration. My ancestors were immigrants, like most of the citizenry today. My mother’s family came to the U.S. from Scotland, Ireland and the UK in the 1600’s and 1700’s, before we were a nation, and my Father’s great Grandfather was the first to come to the US of his line. But, they did it LEGALLY, they didn’t sneak in. Next, the line will be “if you are against immigration, you hate all Mexicans.” No, I’m against anyone breaking US Immigration law, Mexican, Canadian, Russian, British, ANYONE. But, that doesn’t play well as a sound bite, not like “immigrant families torn apart by deportation,” right?

This one is just another one pointing out the blatant hypocrisy in the world today. Star Trek, Into Darkness had a scene with Alice Eve in bra and panties. Naturally, “feminists” went wild, screaming about exploitation and sexism. But Eve said the opposite, she didn’t feel exploited, and agreed to the scene. Add to this, no one said a word about a deleted scene shown on late night TV, where Cumberbatch was showering, and I assume, actually nude, and only camera angles kept some modesty possible. I brought this up when Age Of Ultron’s previews sparked outrage at Stark’s prima-nocte comment, but no one said a word at Black Widow calling Barton’s unborn child a traitor for being male, or when Sarah Silverman in a TV spot for wi-fi calling said “sorry it’s a boy,” as if apologizing for the baby being male. Now, never mind that today there would be screams of “let the child grow up and decide their own gender,” these are examples of the “women want equality, but also should be given special treatment, because men are evil” world. True equality would have meant that if a male did a nude scene, so should a woman. But, rather than that, “feminists” want women to be treated with kid gloves, and men to be hammered and beaten for the crime of being male.

This one is a bit simpler, as it shows a girl destroying her (now) ex-boyfriend’s property, and causing a scene meaning to get him fired, as if she has a right to. She “comes into money” so she can now treat him like dirt, and feels she has this right? Any bets how quick she cries sexism, or another crime, after finding out she can’t go back to the house, her friends know the truth, and so on? There is another, I just can’t find the image, where a girl destroys her (now ex) boyfriend’s computer, as she found him talking to another girl. He tells her it’s his cousin (maybe sister?) and she then says something like “it doesn’t matter, you never buy me stuff,” and he tells her he’s going to file charges to get her to pay for what she destroyed. Her response? “I’ll say you raped me.” He has now got a screen shot of this on Facebook, and she’ll still say it was rape, and she should not be held responsible for acting like an infant and throwing a fit, which includes destruction of property, likely all the way to having money garnished from her to pay him. After that? She’ll hound him on Facebook, call him names, accuse him of beating her, and worse, and the world will eventually treat him like a pariah, because after all, she said he raped her, never mind that it was only after he proved she was now liable for what she destroyed. This is what is wrong, girls are now seeing that crying rape solves all troubles, and men’s lives are ruined, because the girl got upset about something, and decided to cry rape to “punish the evil man.” And people wonder why I stay single.

Finally, something I’ve wanted to see for a while, SNL called for bias. SNL, to me, hasn’t been funny since before 1990, but rather, has been vulgar, and biased toward the left. Hillary has been seen intimidating those accusing her husband of assault or rape for more than 20 years, but SNL portrayed Trump as saying her accusers need to be listened to, and his should shut up. Trump has been surrounded by beautiful women for 30+ years, but suddenly when he’s running for POTUS against Hillary, there are accusations? No, this is an attack by Clinton, and when falsehoods are pointed out in their story, you’re “attacking a victim,” but when it’s shown that she bribes or threatens someone who could hurt her, you’re “attacking a Presidential candidate without evidence and should be shot at dawn.”

I truly hope our country wakes up. For eight years, the White House has forced things on us that are killing the United States. “Affordable” health care, but you may not be able to find a doctor. My own mother had to use the ACA plan for a time before her Medicare benefits kicked in last year, and the closest Dr. that would take her was OVER 100 MILES AWAY! But, she couldn’t drop the plan, or she’d be fined. Phones are now a “right,” never mind the countless charities that have phones available for free, and the law stating a 911 call cannot be stopped, but no, it’s a “right” to have minutes and texting for non-emergency calls too. I know at least one charity near me that will let you list their number on applications (and house you, clothe you, and feed you) so not having a phone number or address won’t keep you from getting a job, but no, we now must give phones to anyone, even to those that abuse it and have more than one. Food Stamps is a joke, with people able to shop at convenience stores that sell NOTHING they “need” but crap they should avoid, and people bragging about selling their benefits, but we can’t dare require people to have a drug test before going on welfare, or prosecute a mother selling her Food Stamps to buy drugs, because then we’re “hurting children.” We should be taking children from parents who buy drugs before feeding the kids, but of course, that’s against the party line, that the DNC is “helping people” isn’t it?

That’s enough for me for today, as I’m now going to go play some games with my family, and try to relax before work tomorrow, since my tax dollars are needed so some lazy drug addict can avoid their “right” to stay home being taken away, right?

Time for a rant, and just in time for the 90 minute rant vs counter-rant on TV tonight!

I’ve not posted in a while, mostly because it seems that no matter what day or week it is, the news is the same every day. This group is racist, that group is being held down because they can’t make as much as a burger flipper as an engineer, or some other BS is under a banner headline.

A prime example of this is how the media either focuses on or hides the race of an officer who is involved in a shooting, but only when the person shot is black. They ignore the fact that black men, while still a minority in most places, commit most of the crime, and are responsible for a VAST majority of the violence against other black people. They ignore that in virtually all cases, the person shot had a firearm, was not obeying lawful orders, and in many cases, was shot to prevent them shooting someone else. But let’s not let pesky little things like facts get in the way, after all, since all white people are racist, it’s only natural that black men would be inclined to brandish a weapon at them, call them horrible things, and try to kill them, and defending yourself just proves you’re a vile bigot who deserves to die.

On the other side of this issue, as a city is destroyed by riots, suggesting that those who are rioting hate white people is apparently worse than the actual riots. Nevermind that the very people burning and looting have called all white people f&&&ing devils, and have called for people to be attacked and/or killed, simple because they’re white, to actually say that they hate white people (thus pointing out that the people playing the race card are in fact racist,) is just wrong, and means you should quit your job, but keep giving money to the “poor downtrodden masses” (who will hate you, attack you and worse) since you’re a vile racist.

While American cities burn, and anyone who dares not support the “enlightened and wonderful vision the DNC has for America” is all but crucified, Hillary is worried about looking smaller than Trump, so has a special podium for the debate tonight. Now, I’ll give this one a chance to be satire, but I’m not holding out much hope. Hillary has shown time and again she cares nothing for anyone but herself. She’s watched as Bill groped and worse, sat idle as Americans died, then asked “what difference does it make” when confronted, broken the law (the e-mail thing,) and she’s still living the high life, while telling people barely able to buy groceries about how horrible we are for not wanting to let her take more of our money.

Moving on to international news, it seems that sexual assaults have doubled at Oktoberfest this year. Now, rather than accepting that it’s because Germany imported MASSIVE numbers of “refugees” that amazingly aren’t all women an children, they’re saying it’s because people are reporting what they see more often, not because the “refugees” are rapists and worse.

Next, two from Clients from Hell. First, this gem is just amazing in that it’s adults and not kindergarten students. Now, I’ll be the first to say that CFH is a weekly reminder of why I’m so glad I’m no longer in photography or web design as a profession. This one, though, is a very common thing today. The client provided all the instructions, then when they complain, it’s pointed out that they picked everything they don’t like. So, when it’s pointed out that if they don’t like what they picked, they just pick something else, it’s still somehow the contractor’s fault, so they can tell them “I don’t like you” or worse.

Just like the one above, we have another great example of the “I’m always right” mindset. Simply put, the client contacts a translator for translation into two languages. They’re told it’s $1000 for one language or $1800 for both, to which they reply, several times, asking how much for both. When the translator gives the same answer, they’re still not polite, but ask for the work to be done, in under 24 hours, to which they’re told it can’t be done. They come back well after that deadline is gone and offer an insultingly low rate for the work, and are told no again. They try the “you’re losing money” bit, but are told no. Finally, they find someone willing to work for their low offer, and the results are horrible, as the “translator” just used Google Translate. When they come back demanding the first translator fix it, and are told no, well, I won’t spoil it totally, but I can easily see this person suing a bakery for not taking their money, as we’ve seen before.

These always piss me off a little, as if you asked them why they aren’t offended for the guy, they attack you for being sexist. Eve said she didn’t feel exploited by the scene, but that’s just a cue for the SJW’s to say she’s “brainwashed” or the like, but they’re silent when a man is nude on camera, and if you dare point out their blatant hypocrisy, well, you’re a sexist and thus, open to be assaulted and you can’t fight back or walk away, or you’re “denying their rights.”

Simple question here, why wasn’t the United Way sued for wrongful death when their stunt caused the death of two people? I’m actually very curious, as the CG stated the balloons were why they had to stop, and they know who released them.


These are just sad. First, an octopus has predicted sports, apparently, with 100% accuracy, so when fans hear it predicted their team won’t win, they threaten to kill it? How sad their lives must be.

The second just shows how far we’ve gone on the path to hell, a man killed someone not directly responsible for his family dying, and goes home as a hero? I’m sorry for his loss, and I understand being angry, but he committed cold blooded murder, and was thus, given a high position in his government? Sorry, but no, he should be given the death penalty. But, this is also a world where people actually believe having to defend your life with deadly force is the same as murder (yes, people do,) I’m not shocked. I’ve actually heard people say they’d “rather watch their children raped and murdered than to disappoint them by becoming a murderer just to save their lives.” Yes, they believe it’s better to let someone RAPE, TORTURE AND KILL A CHILD, than to use a gun. And sadly, these are the people who right now, are a majority in many states, and influencing laws. WHEN something happens, they’ll either sue the police for not having teleportation abilities, and thus “being too late,” or the person who saves them, for “bringing a deadly weapon into their home.” It’s only a matter of time before we have entire sections of cities where police won’t go, and where crime is worse the slums of NYC during prohibition, and they’ll bemoan the “evil gun nuts aren’t willing to let them ban guns, so the criminals still have guns.” If you don’t believe me, look up some of our elected officals’ quotes, they actually believe that if the legal gun owners would just give up their guns, the criminals would stop.

While I’m glad people are getting this message out, it’s being misused. Students are now reporting “harassment” when they see Trump 2016 on the sidewalk, are reporting “hate speech” in class when their history book points out that slavery wasn’t purely a white American thing. While they gleefully silence anyone who they don’t like, they’ll scream about their “right to free speech” as they take others’ rights away. I can only hope they grow up one day, or we’ll have the equivalent of a toddler day care in DC one day, with people yelling “shut up, you can’t talk to me any more” and the like in Congress.

Well, enough ranting for now, what’s on your mind?

We are at a fork in the road, which way we go determines our fate

More and more of late, I’ve seen countless examples of the best and worst of society and humanity. We’ve had Police Officers murdered by cowards who claim to be part of the BLM movement, while we’ve seen members of the black community stand up and denounce the violence. We’ve seen people come together in support of those being targeted, while others just sit and wait for a chance to pull the trigger. More recently, we’ve seen the attacks on the Trump campaign escalate, now claiming that Melania should have told about how Donald proposed, then claiming she used Michelle Obama’s speech, all while ignoring that, to my knowledge, no First Lady, before or after an election, has told about the proposal, or that Michelle used many direct quotes from people she did not cite, as that would show that the media is desperate to get Trump.

More remotely, we’ve seen people demanding that they have a right to not be offended, while offending others right and left. A college student attending an assembly designed to offend hurling insults and screaming profanities at the professor leading it, them demanding that they “get the hate speech off our campus.” It has to stop. We need to not only go back and teach that the rights you have are in the Bill Of Rights, and aside from adding Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, that’s it. You do not have a right to force a private business to serve you, nor is it a “hate crime” for said business to turn away a customer. If you’re in a discussion and someone will not just stop and say “you’re right, you’re wonderful” but rather makes counter points, you don’t get to just stop it, and then claim that the other person was hateful or the like. I have had an experience on a college campus where in a debate about supply side vs classical vs Dickensian economics, I was called a racist, then shouted over any time I tried to speak. I simply wrote out “If you refuse to let me speak, you forfeit the debate and I win.” then walked away. I was grabbed by the idiot, and only when (I am a former detention officer) I broke the hold and put my (now) attacker in a bent arm bar against a wall, did the person begin screaming that I’d broken their arm and should be jailed for assault. Thankfully, there was a campus PD officer there, who saw it all, and actually arrested the idiot for assaulting me first, and ensured me the video would be attached to the report. But this shows the attitude. This person was losing a debate, so first tried to be the only one to speak, and when I just walked away, assaulted me, only to claim assault when I defended myself. I’ve also had a woman yell at me that she “doesn’t need a man to open a door” only to then continue shouting about how rude I am when I said “OK” and went in, not holding the door. She then became very upset that I had the “gall” to stand up and quote her words, explaining that if she didn’t want me to do that, I would respect that wish. The attitude for her is “I’m always right, you’re always wrong, I get to berate you and you can’t say boo” and they are horribly offended when that doesn’t happen.

So, the question is this, and it’s fairly simple. How can we pick the correct path so that we don’t end up with a country full of idiots who will sue when they aren’t given free stuff, or when a private business owner (who has the right to refuse service) doesn’t take their money? We need to start in public schools, by ending the “show up and write your name and you pass” crap that so many schools have begun. We need to stop teaching the test so that kids pass and schools aren’t defunded. We need to teach the subject matter, and if we do, they’ll pass a test. But beyond that, we need to stand up and tell those demanding that they’re special and the rest of the world doesn’t matter to shut up, get a job, and just live their lives. Amazingly, those who are in those demographics (gay, black, etc) but who just live their lives, well, they aren’t told they can’t buy a cake, or what have you. Naturally, they also won’t go to a small bakery owned and run by people who have made public their strong faith, they’d go to a bakery with ideals like their own. But then again, those screaming and suing don’t really want equality, they want to be elevated, told their special and given the world on a silver platter, all of this paid for by the very people they hurl insults at. I guess our money is fine, they just don’t want to have to see us, or hear us, or realize that we have the same actual rights as them.

Eye In The Sky

So, I just watched Eye in the Sky and I have to say it’s spot on for the arguments being bandied about all over today. The basic plot is a debate on the legitimacy of using drone strikes on any target, on “high value” targets, and every point in between. I want to clarify now, without any reservation, that any loss of civilian life in a military operation is horrible, and I am very glad that the military forces of the civilized world do all they can to avoid that very thing. Sadly, it’s not possible to completely remove that possibility, and that fact, often, results in decisions that are not only all but impossible to make, but weight heavily on those making them, and those they then order to act.

Without spoiling the movie, I want to ask a question, so I’ll set up a scenario that is far from what the movie shows. The FBI gets intelligence on a group based somewhere in the U.S. planning a massive strike on an urban center. This attack will cost hundreds their lives. Men, women and children WILL DIE if this attack is not prevented. Now, the ring leaders are on the most wanted list, and so, have been being hunted for a long time prior to this intelligence coming in, and that hunt leads the FBI to the safe house being used to prepare for this attack. Part of this situation could include citizens of countries friendly to the U.S., so they will of course let those governments know that one of their citizens, who is on the most wanted list, may be killed. The friendly governments will agree to act, grudgingly perhaps, but the benefits of stopping an attack outweigh wanting a show trial.

Now, once approval is given, let’s look at the target area. We’ll set this at a cabin in Nebraska, at least 100 yards from the nearest home. The targets are all inside, preparing, but at the very last minute, another person shows up, and halts everything. We won’t go into who this person is, we’ll just say that their presence is enough for many people to question if the strike should happen. So, the question, would you let an attack happen that will, with almost 100% certainty, cost hundreds of lives, to save one? You’ve been briefed on what these people can do if they leave, and the likelihood of stopping them is less than 5%, as they will leave in more than one group, and only one can be followed. You can’t go in on foot, as they will slaughter your forces. What do you do?

I’ll stop here, so as not to spoil the movie. Alan Rickman, as always, gives a performance that leaves you with goosebumps. So, comment here, or on the tweet, or write your own post somewhere. The question, while it doesn’t seem so, is actually a simple one. If you could act with certainty of minimal collateral damage to save hundreds, would you? It’s almost the same question that comes up in the gun control debate, if you had to choose between killing one person or watching that person kill one or more person you love, could you pull the trigger? I have my handgun license, and every time I carry my weapon off my land, I pray I won’t need to even consider drawing it, let alone use it. But, if I could prevent an innocent being killed, I would pull the trigger, even though I know that means counseling, possible criminal and civil repercussions, and far more, for years.

So, your thoughts?

A Question for my readers

We’re seeing more and more dystopia books and movies, futures so bleak that we almost pray for a mass extinction event rather than see that future. Well, this isn’t new, throughout history, “empires” have risen and fallen time and time again. So, I’m curious if anyone would like to see a series on some of those empires, and what we can learn from them to, at least stave off, if not avoid, their fate.

A question for today

I get calls from telemarketers all the time, and I’ve gotten pretty good at bugging them so much they hang up. If they have an American or Indian accent, I just start saying random words in German, otherwise I just mute my mic and see how long they last before they hang up. But, the question I have is why these still go on today. I got a call today, no voicemail left, so they just got blocked when I tracked down the information. This one is apparently a scam involving the caller telling the person they call that an insurance payment failed, obviously in hopes of getting a credit card number. The last one I received and answered (they just happened to be calling from the same city as someone I was waiting to talk to) told me that my computer had a virus and they needed access to take care of it. In the first situation, one person who reported this said the caller wouldn’t answer questions such as what company they work for, while in my case, they specifically said your Windows PC, and argued with me when I told them I don’t have a PC any more. At the end, I said (verbatim) “take my number off your list or I will sue you. I told you I do not own a Windows PC and you then all but called me a liar. I will not be insulted, and will sue you personally, your company, and anyone else possible if you ever call me again.” I blocked the number after that, as I don’t want to worry about it, since I know they’ll call back later with another scam. But, why are these still happening? Do we truly have people so stupid that they believe these things? What do you think?

So, an old question, just in a new way

I recently came across a social media thread that started out with someone yelling about how they hate Minecraft, superhero movies and Beyonce, only to be told to focus on what they like, rather than what they hate. When the person says they like Donald Trump, however, the person saying not to hate, well, we’ve seen what happens when someone says they like Trump, right?

So, in a wider sense, here is my question. Why is it “wrong” for one group to “hate” something, simply by not agreeing with or praising those who do, while the other side is “just standing up for equality” when they go completely off the deep end and all but murder people for “intolerance” or “hate?”

I’ve asked this in several ways in several different places, and only get hate and worse back, but the question is still valid. How does my personal belief system, my being a Christian, “deny rights” to anyone? I am not (nor ever will be) an elected official (I like my hair and health.) I hope to never again be in a position to hire/fire, and thus, I’m not responsible or involved in any way in who works for the company I work for. When I was in management, however, my primary foci were appearance (clothing and grooming) and ability. If you adhered to dress code (if there was one, if not, if you dressed appropriately for the job) and could do the job, that’s all I cared about. Oddly enough, the only two people I’ve ever fired, were white males.

Sadly, every time I’ve asked this question, even being as specific as to say “my person belief, not a manager, not a politician, just me specifically,” all I get in return is hate, and barely coherent rambling hate at that. I’m told loudly that “Christians are holding back equality,” am shouted down about how “Christians want to force women into back alley abortions only,” and when I “dare” try to interrupt (meaning I try to speak in reply to a comment when they pause) I’m simply shouted down.

I’m sorry folks, equality is a good thing in many respects, but not achievable in all. In hiring, it’s great, let qualifications decide who is hired. In other respects, you can’t have a right to free speech and silence others, that’s not equal, that’s simply giving total control to the loudest complainers. While funny in a “we’re going to hell in a handcart” way, the student screaming obscenities at the speaker then chanting “keep your hate speech off our campus,” who has now been dubbed Trigglypuff, is a sign of the times. These people firmly believe that by just calling something “hate speech” they are fully capable of forcing you to leave. This doesn’t just apply to racism or sexism discussions, you could suggest that by lowering income tax, and thus putting more money in the bank accounts of citizens, you’d actually see more money going to government through luxury taxes and the like, and they’ll happily call you names, then when you protest, it’s “hate speech” and “trying to censor their free speech.”

So, the final question here, how, if at all possible, do we turn this around from people who are so convinced that simply calling anything they don’t like or agree with “hate speech” doing anything they want, to what we were only 30 years ago, a country where freedoms were actually what they were laid out as?

A few great articles from Texas Law Shield

I can’t remember if I’ve posted about Tx Law Shield here before, so I’ll give them a shameless plug now. If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m a Texan, and I have my Handgun license and carry rather often. Yes, I’m the Bible thumping gun toting right winger that your professors warned you about. Well, as we all learned from George Zimmerman’s trial after he was attacked by and defended himself against Trayvon Martin, even if you’re completely in the right and innocent, that won’t stop the police from arresting you and others from suing you. While Zimmerman was acquitted, he still spent over $100K to accomplish that, just in legal fees. He also couldn’t work while on trial, so in essence, his life was ruined even though he wasn’t guilty.

When I last renewed my CHL (now just a handgun license with open carry now legal,) Texas Law Shield had a representative present to pitch their program. In a nutshell, I pay $11 a month and if I’m ever arrested, or otherwise dragged into court, because of anything to do with firearms, I have a lawyer and I don’t pay anything more than my monthly dues, which is a great comfort. They also have a nifty little statement on my card, written out in legalese, basically summing up to “I’m staying silent, please call my attorney,” which is all you should ever say if you’re arrested, since they can use “my arm is broken, can you call an ambulance” as “obstruction of justice” since it delayed them, given the right attorney of course.

So, first is a story from Houston about a Centerpoint contractor attacking a dog. I’ve worked for a retail electric provider, and our field guys reminded us regularly to let people know to post signs if they had dogs that might get upset at strangers, to give them when the meter reader would be out so they could have them inside, and more. Oncor made sure to do all they could to avoid being around unfamiliar animals. While it’s correct that the electric company doesn’t have to tell you when they are coming, or knock when they arrive to read the meter, this guy just walking up and swinging a wrench at a dog that was NOT ATTACKING, to the point of knocking out a tooth, is just wrong. One, it shows his first reaction to any “provocation” is violence that could be deadly. Second, it shows he believes he’s above the law, and that needs to be corrected. This is cruelty to animals, and he should do a lot of time for it, if you ask me.

Next is a comparison of the US and Australia when it comes to the Castle Doctrine. To sum this up, Castle Doctrine is a legal theory based on “A man’s home is his castle” and is the perfect example of logic, and how politicians twist it. In this one, we look at the case of a man in Australia who found someone, at night, in his home and near his daughter’s room. In the ensuing fight, the intruder (a convicted rapist by the way) was injured and later died at the hospital. The father now faces murder charges, for defending his daughter from a rapist! This article looks at a few states and how this would play out here in the U.S. I’m very glad to live in TX, since our definition does not state that if someone breaks into my home, I can only ask them to leave, but rather, I can use force to protect myself, my home and my family. Australia, sadly, is being held up by many in DC as what we should have. They want a disarmed society, so we can be kept under their boot, and that’s the least of the problem. Many want to make it legal to sue companies like Ruger or Smith & Wesson when a gun is involved. Naturally, many have asked if we should be able to sue Ford or Chevrolet when a drunk kills someone while driving, and they’re just “exaggerating so the evil gun nuts can stop progress.” Yes, I’ve actually been told I’m holding back progress for not wanting a law that allows someone that is not involved to be sued. Granted, I’ve been called a sexist and racist when debating classical vs supply side economics, which shows what I dealt with in college. So, here’s a simple question, should we, as humans, have the right to defend our lives, our family’s lives, and our home?

This one is just funny, since Howard Stern actually stands up for the 2nd Amendment. Granted, there’s a nod to Aquila ammunition, and a great article about Hillary and exactly why should shouldn’t be President of a fan club, let alone the U.S.

So, what do you think?